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Zen Wellness & Coaching
Out purpose is to have happiness and abundance in life.

Mission Statement


The purpose of my life is to experience Happiness and abundance and to help bring these attributes to others. My mission to achieve this is by compassionately developing trusted and genuine relationships with friends, family and colleagues as I head to a feeling of inner peace where I can feel pride in who I am.

Mission Statement


At Zen Wellness & coaching the purpose of our business is to bring happiness and abundance to your life. Our mission is to guide you through your own personal Journey , empowering you to achieve your health, fitness and personal success.

Coaches Background

As a young child I was noticeably taller and heavier that the other children in my class. As a result, by the time I reached my teenage years I was very self-conscious of my appearance. This led to me trying all manner of diets to overcome my difficulties with body image.

After the birth of my children in my early twenties I was a little overweight but with 4 young children and a hobby farm to look after I was too busy to notice.

In 2001 I developed major depression and was put on several medications, all of which had weight gain as a side effect. Due to a combination of my depression and the medications I gained weight rapidly, ballooning to 200kg, I stayed this weight for a number of years developing several weight related illnesses including diabetes and a fatty liver.

In 2006 my marriage of 20 years broke down as a result I decided I needed to do something about my health. By making some changes to my diet and adding in some light exercise I was able to shed 50kg…. I stayed at this weight until 2013. Unfortunately, my diabetes was still not controlled even though I was on insulin and medication.

After a bad experience at the diabetes clinic I decided I was Sick of being Sick. I enrolled in a naturopathy course that also covered nutrition, I also started working with a psychologist. By applying what I was learning, I was successful in losing another 50kg, this allowed my medication to be reduced as I reversed my diabetes and fatty liver.

Over the course of my journey with the help of various professionals I learnt so much about myself. In 2017 I completed the advanced diploma in Naturopathy. In 2019 after a breast cancer diagnosis and losing my mum and my sister within a 12-month period I attended a personal development course. This gave me the courage to not only continue on my health journey but to help people embark and travel their own journey to good health and success.