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Mid 50’s and losing weight

In 2016 I had a gentleman who was in his mid 50’s come to see me for advice about improving his health. He was overweight, and measurements confirmed that he was carrying most of his excess weight in the abdomen. In addition, his blood pressure was elevated and he felt tired all of the time. He also had a blistered rash that would come up on his feet that he felt was related to certain foods.

During his initial consultation we discussed his current diet which consisted of a large amount of refined carbohydrates such as white bread and biscuits, he also enjoyed large portions of fatty meats and takeaways, and only consumed a limited amount of vegetables. He didn’t consume coffee, alcohol or chicken as he felt these were contributing to the rash on his feet.

Over a period of several months we gradually made changes to his diet and lifestyle. We modified his diet to reduce the amount of refined and fatty foods that he was consuming and gradually increased the wholefoods in his diet. To help him overcome his cravings for refined foods and the much-loved fatty meats we replaced these with tasty simple to prepare versions of his favorite foods that were both yummy and nutritious. We also looked at reducing his stress levels and incorporating light exercise into his weekly routine.

During this time his weight gradually reduced, and his waist measurements reduced, because of the changes his blood pressure improved and there was a big improvement in his sleep quality which led to a reduction in his levels of fatigue and an increase in his energy levels. During this time, we also identified the cause of the rash on his feet and were successful in eliminating it

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