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This is for you if want to feel energized and vibrant and in control of your own health; using natural methods that allow the body to heal itself…

WE will work together using a range of methods that are applicable to you, to help you achieve your personal weight and health goals; so that you can achieve all the things that you wish to achieve!!

This may include:

  • Naturopathic health analysis that assesses your whole body. This includes family history, lifestyle, current diet, and medications. It also includes body weight and measurements, blood pressure and tongue and nail analysis.
  • Herbal Medicine, where indicated I use herbal remedies and nutritional supplements. These may come in a powder, tablet, or liquid form.
  • Functional Testing, you can expect to have some answers to problems that may not have been able to be explained or understood without this testing being carried out. Generally, samples are collected in your own home and may involve saliva, urine, blood or stool samples; depending on the test being carried out. Testing needs to be paid for on the day. Tests can include allergy and intolerance testing, hormone testing or stool analysis.