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Weight Management

This is for you if you are struggling with your weight, you may feel that you are too thin; struggling with weight gain or, you may have weight to lose, this could be a few kilograms or a large amount that is bringing serious health problems with it…

I work with women who are anxious, depressed and generally unhappy with their weight, they are often frustrated with trying to find answers. I help them to take back control of their own life, deciding what they eat and getting to where they want; to be happy.

I offer a variety of services that will assist you in achieving the health and wellness goals that you want to achieve. Helping you too become vibrant and energetic and the healthiest version of yourself that you can be!!

We will work together to help you build a healthier body, bringing weight to the best weight for you, that you can achieve within a reasonable timeframe and that you can maintain with ease, allowing you to fully enjoy your life. Reducing levels of anxiety and depression and addressing any related health concerns you may have.