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Pre-Surgery Success

Recently a women in her late 50’s came to see me. She had been struggling with her weight most of her life. She had advanced osteoarthiritis in her knee and was awaiting knee reconstruction surgery. She had seen the hospital a year before hand and had been told that she needed to reduce her weight by a substantial amount before she would qualify for the surgery, however once she achieved that weight loss her General Practitioner could notify the hospital and surgery would be booked in.

Her doctor had prescribed her a weight loss medication 12 months before she came to see me, however in that time she had only succeeded in losing approximately 8KG. She was in pain, frustrated and feeling quite down. She shared the fact that her income was limited and that she really didn’t like cooking.

We discussed several options however it was decided that she would follow an intensive short-term program for 3 months with regular reviews, during that time we also worked on the causes of her eating patterns and what she could do to overcome her challenges. We worked closely together to keep her on track so that she could have her life changing surgery.

At the end of the 12 weeks she had lost the required amount of weight and surgery was booked in, in addition her blood pressure which had been a little higher than recommended came back to normal. She is now looking forward to a new start and is working on bringing her weight down to a more healthy level and being able to improve her activity levels and play with her dog and grandchildren.

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